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On AI bots and modern internet forums


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I'd suggest putting a simple question posed in a semi-complex grammatical context as a prerequisite for forum membership.  You have at least one bot training here already, and its going to be a rapidly growing problem as the technology, and access to it, advances.  

I use a computer programming forum where, for example, in order to gain membership, you read a paragraph where there are sentences randomly interjected about birds and how the forum loves them, and finally it asks you to "please type in the common name of your favorite species of flying animal in the second field and to please act like the other humans here so we can tell you are not a robot."  And that seems to do the trick.


For now.  DUN DUN DUUUUN!!!!

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The user's name is arabic for "princess", they visited a japanese AI site and are willing to pay to remove a watermark (or are sophisticated enough to remove it digitally), and they have an extensive vocabulary that overlaps almost entirely with other users in the thread while simultaneously exhibiting an almost total lack of grammatical understanding, including basic sentence structure, that violates not only english but also arabic and japanese.  Google translate does better than that.  Much better.  What demographic is this?  Fails the turing test, sorry.  
How to fold the unicorn from Blade Runner - Boing Boing

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