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Red Venezuelan Corydoras


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So I was wandering around my local Petco (needed some food) when I see some Corydoras labeled as Red S/F Venezuelan Corydoras. I've never seen them before in a store. It looks like they're Corydoras Aeneus? 

Does anyone have experience with these? Do they actually have a sailfin? They were pretty small.

There were 3 left and I was so tempted to buy them. 😅

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8 hours ago, Mel said:

Those are the ones! Is their care pretty similar to other cories? @Andy's Fish Den

For the most part, yes. They do prefer water a little cooler than what most people would keep, in the low to mid 70s. I have mine in a tank that stays close to 74. I haven't tried spawning yet, as they were small when I got them, and have been feeding them live frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms along with sinking pellets to grow them up. They are a little larger bodied corydoras, compared to some of the other species. 

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