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This is worrying me on my husbands betta Dredd


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Did you get your ammonia strips today? Would be very interested in that number. With the pink nitrites from yesterday, not sure if the tank is cycled. Really, having a cycled tank is about the only way to safely keep fish. Other than that, the maracyn2 treatment is the best way to help clear that knot. If you can get it cycled, everything becomes easier 

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Most fin rot and bacterial infections are generally gram negative. Maracyn2 does a very good job with that. Petsmart won’t have anything like that. A local fish store will. 

for bacteria to help, I’d use fritzyme7. Although api safestart could work. Petsmart has that. That would keep your ammonia and nitrite levels at zero. And you’d only need to do water changes when your nitrates rise. 

to help get rid of those, floating plants are easiest. Really, trying to help make it simple and easy. If it gets complicated or difficult, people quit. No one here wants that to happen. 

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