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Can I keep a single female Molly or do I need more?

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So a local pet store was awesome and sold me a sponge filter from one of their established tanks. So I’m wondering and I won’t add them all at once due to my tank being new but right now I have 3 female platies and a female black Molly. Do I need more mollies I heard they can be somewhat aggressive when alone or am I ok? I was thinking if I need more will 2 more females be good? I have a 20 gallon tall. And no one is pregnant.

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I would. Also those platies could be pregnant if they’ve been in an aquarium with a male, so you may have way more than you expected soon. Only time will tell. 
ps platies are some of my faves, they’re highly entertaining and imo gorgeous. The vast array of colors and nibbling on algae in the aquarium ain’t so bad either. 

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