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Summer tub pond

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Last year I bought a large plastic flower pit at one of the big box hardware stores, and put some water in it and had an old hand well pump that I hooked up to a pump that was pumping water in it. It looked good, but with the water movement in such a small amount of water, I had a hard time getting any plants to stay alive, and it was in a sunny spot so it just grew a bunch of algae. This year I decided to set it up without the well pump, and just use a small sponge filter. My local aquarium club, the Northwest Ohio Aquarium Society dis at our June meeting a talk on tub ponds. We also put together kits that members could buy for $40, getting the tub, sponge filter, airline, air pump, net, some plants and fish. We ordered a bunch of pond plants and a local fish store helped us with fish, having an assortment of pond appropriate fish. I bought one of the kits, and got some plants, a bag of bright orange swordtails and set it up along with my other one. I got two marginal plants, of which I can't remember the names along with some Ludwigia sedioides, the mosaic plant, and some hornwort. I also threw in some jungle val out of one of my tanks, some water sprite and bacopa. 






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That mosaic plant is gorgeous! I tried to ask a staff member at one of the local fish shops (sadly not Aquarium Coop) about stem plants that might work in my pond since I didn't have much success last year and they were decidedly not helpful, so I'm happy to hear about your selections. I'll look into getting some. I was also wondering if the dwarf lily bulbs would work in an outdoor pond? Do you happen to know?

The main pond is a resin planter I picked up at Costco for $15.99. I used a little solar pump to create a bit of a waterfall and it sounds pretty good - even if it looks a bit odd. I picked up some great plants and a water hyacinth at one of my local nurseries and a local hardware store that has an excellent garden center. This year, I decided to add a shallow container as well since I had bullfrogs move in last summer & someone suggested it might keep them away from my ricefish - we'll see. I added water lettuce, frogbit and an iris that managed to survive this past winter.






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