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Glow Light Tetra turning White

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I have an older Glow Light Tetra in my 25 gallon tank. I estimate he is 3-5 years old. I noticed today his torso/main body appears to be turning a white color. None of my other Tetras are showing this. Currently I have approximately 1 pristella, 6 cardinal, 6 glow light tetras, 1 marble hatchetfish, and 1 bristlenose pleco in the tank.


Curious your guy's thoughts? The Glow Light of concern is the bottom of the two Glow Lights. ***I realize now there is a disease section of the forums, I meant to post this in there.



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On 6/26/2024 at 9:11 PM, Sandrock14 said:

Curious your guy's thoughts?

From my experience I've noticed as most fish age color changes. The Glowlight still looks good. 


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