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35g cube long-haul

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For 8 or 9 months, I have had a 35cube in my garage that I got in a 50% off sale at Petco. This was always intended to replace my 10g community tank that is in the living room of our house. Well, for some reason, while sitting here in my home office working, I got the inclination to wheel it outside and fill it to do a water test. It's only 104 outside, sounds like as good as a time as any!

Question: Can I add an additional layer of silicone over the factory silicone as reinforcement or is that pointless? I really don't want to take it apart and re-do it because I have NO idea what I am doing in that sense.

The plan is heavily planted with a pretty thick, multi layer, substrate. I have 16lbs or so of Fluval Stratum. I am going to put rock/pebbles underneath. a large amount of area will get taken up by a 3d printed cave structure (9"x7"x4"). I need most of the tanks substrate to be almost 4" tall (which is ok because this is, I think, 21" tall).

For filtration, I am going to use an AC Medium Sponge filter (the newer ones with the spout thing). I 3d printed a 4" stand for it, too, so that the 4" under it don't need substrate. I think i'll put my current Aqueon HOB filter (from the 10g) on there too to add some additional filtration (and to transfer over some of the healthy bacteria).

Also going to de-snail my existing plants as well as add a bunch more. I have a pretty large wood piece to put in as a centerpiece as well.

I picked up a Lominie 30w Freshwater LED light.

This is going to be a longer project because I am INCREDIBLY lazy.

Any input, advice, etc would be great.



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