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First and foremost, I have no idea what I’m doing. This is for me to look back on my wins and fails, apologies if I’m doing this incorrectly. (If I am please tell me where is appropriate lol)

With that out of the way - my intent is to document my first foray into aquatics. 

June 3 2024 I began my dry start by putting down a 1” layer of lava rock, with some in panty hose to build height behind the driftwood in the back right corner. In ignorance I buried the heater underneath a thick layer the rock & soil but it’s too late to go back. I used silicone to keep the heater cord snugly in the suction cup as it kept popping out. In planting I chose monte carlo, littorella uniflora, eleocharis acicularis and java moss superglued to the larger wavy piece of driftwood.IMG_3728.jpeg.4c2c094baac97fc6c64f26ba37ac8d10.jpegIMG_3726.jpeg.6947f51d75f6d4fb38b8ccec04ae3d86.jpegIMG_3731.jpeg.dffdf9aa24b87a6440a479c1dbd3190b.jpeg

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June 18’th, 15 days after planting and things were going well. Parts of the java moss were yellowing a bit so I upped my misting. (Distilled water with Nutrafin GRO)

Of note, the java moss has begun to etiolate and is reaching out into space in no less than 4 “pillars”. It’s difficult to showcase it with the camera.

The last 3 photos are of the little bit of root development.IMG_4152.jpeg.c37fd14533fb305cdedbf0b574155ac5.jpegIMG_4157.jpeg.5532a3e45736952d84895d59f2336b60.jpegIMG_4158.jpeg.d258bd77f819eb45b53a2aa042c5a212.jpegIMG_4159.jpeg.5118e7d229483efa4f45e148214765cb.jpegIMG_4160.jpeg.fc26c6e764d67e7ec372dc4efd087d6c.jpegIMG_4161.jpeg.017d6db0c3299bf61560e9bff1b2d953.jpegIMG_4162.jpeg.a65de15dad1b13650cddeb631d9f3886.jpeg

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Posted (edited)

June 22 2024

Dr.Tim’s ammonia finally arrived so I placed the HOB onto a water pitcher, added the air stone and then about 15 well rooted and freshly cut plants. Additionally I picked up a sword plant (labeled assorted sword at Petsmart 🙄) and have it in there too. 

A friend is dropping off an extremely well used filter cartridge, water sprite and frog bit tomorrow that I’ll add into the mix. It’s a tight squeeze even before they come, lol.



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