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Paracleanse and maracyn question


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So i only bought the paracleanse and maracyn medications, i have the ich x arriving in a few days so im only treating my 40 gallon community tank with those two under aquarium co-op instructions for the whole trio, minus ich x obviously.

I have a hyrda issue but i believe the paracleanse or maracyn are killing them off as the water is getting cloudy??! If so should i do a water change and re-dose according to the water taken out or wait the full treatment week to do the water change according to med trio instructions?

Also according to aquarium co op instructions it says treat once then let the fish soak in it for one week to then do a 25% water change, wait 2 weeks and then dose again the 4th week? Do i put in carbon for those 2 weeks or wait till after the 2nd round of treatment

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