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Hello I'm from cleburne texas

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Awesome, welcome!! You’re in the right place!

Hey if you crop the photo just a tiny bit, it should post the right way. 🙂 

Have you ever given live plants a try? Kinda fun to make a little underwater garden! They have multiple benefits for water quality, oxygenation and habitat. 

How long have you been in the hobby?

I have a betta as well, also in a 10gal. He’s a veil tail.

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Howdy fellow Texan!  I’m in NRH so a bit north of you.  There is a fairly active local club DFW Aquarium Association that is very cheap to join and has different membership levels.  They hold good expos a few times a year - check out their Facebook page so you can get notifications for the expos.  There are also many local fish BANDS on that app where you can find fish or plants if you decide to go planted.  Feel free to send a private msg if you want more info.

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