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My Tank and New Kuhlis

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My tank 😊

This is my first tank so please be easy on me but I'm very proud of it. Has been up and running for about 9 months now.
 I have 7 black phantom tetras, 4 Kuhli loaches (I just got 3 days ago!) and 4 panda corydoras. I started out with two angels and fake decor and within a month I had natural plants and added driftwood that I have found at my favorite lake, where my mother's ashes are spread. ❤️ 
 I unfortunately was told at the start I could add fish a day after adding water. (We waited a week, thinking "to be sure") we had no idea and wish more big chain fish stores would have more knowledge. So our angels had passed about 5 months ago after the tank was officially cycled (I was doing water changes every other day) but it was just too much on their immune systems. When I had added my Cory's, started out with 6 and waited a few weeks and got another 6. They ended up coming in with a parasite and wiping out everyone so that's why I have 4 Cory's now. We go to smaller local breeder stores for our fish now and haven't had any issues since! As well as now that I actually know what I'm doing, it's so much better to watch and enjoy them! 

I did want to ask, I have only been able to find 3 loaches. They swim around sometimes but I still cannot find the 4th and I'm worried something happened to him. I know it's normal for loaches to hide and they're typically nocturnal, but has this happened where 3/4 are out and about and not "too" shy, but the 4th will not come out of where he is. We had done the transfer different. Instead of netting, we poured the bag into a net and let the water go into the bucket. We thoroughly looked through the net (after release), bag and bucket to ensure the loaches all got into the tank but I'm still freaked out he somehow is dried up on my floor somewhere. 😭


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I honestly wouldn't worry about it. If they feel like it, they'll literally borrow themselves under structure and fit into the tinyest places.
If I want to count all my kulis I have to take the entire tank apart.

Also, you should use a quarantine tank/tub for new fish - especially when buying from a chain store. 🙂

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