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Green hair algae

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Hello! I have been rustling with a lot of questions in my head recently trying to figure out why this green hair algae in my tank will not go away. I take a lot of inspo from George farmer and aquarium co op and believe in “luxury uptake.” This means I believe in doing large water changes, but dosing heavily with fertilizers and injecting co2. The first time the green hair algae appeared I pulled back my fertilizers and stopped using them. As time went on I got the algae to a controllable point, but there was also always a small amount of algae in the tank, not to mention the plants appeared to be a bit pail and lacked nutrients. I started to dose again, but the algae has started coming back again. I’m trying to wait it out but it just won’t go away. I offer the plants good light, co2, and nutrients, and I believe good plant growth can out compete algae, but it just isn’t feeling like that right now. I used to do 1 50% water change a week, but now I do 3 50% water changes a week, but the algae just still won’t go away. I’m really frustrated with it and I do not see where I am going wrong. (Every level in the tank like nitrate, nitrite ammonia ph blah bla is in check and the livestock are completely fine) any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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Have you tried lowering your lights and/or increasing your CO2? You mentioned heavy on the fertilizers, but how heavy? If adjusting ferts and doing more water changes didn't work, why not play with the other variables left in the equation

You could even add Easy Carbon or spot dose with hydrogen peroxide to get rid of algae in there currently, but that will take time and I don't prefer the chemical route.

Even in high tech setups with perfect plant growth, it's near impossible to keep 100% of the algae away without help from an algae eating crew. Some nerite snails or true Amano shrimp. Or some algae-eating fish if your tank is big enough.

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