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What can breed with habrosus corydoras and CPDS


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On 6/24/2024 at 8:48 AM, KoiAngels said:

This is for my future 10 Gal maybe 14 gal cube.

I was thinking breeding either Pseudomugil Luminatus of Pseudomugil Gertrudae


Neither of these are advisable.  They are jumpers and will predate eggs and fry.  Also 2 shoaling fish groups breeding in a 10 really is enough.

I have a few questions/ suggestions.

Do you have the 6.1 set up?  Is it cycled seasoned and stable? If not you are several months from it even being ready for the first group of shoaling fish. Are there live plants? These fish really enjoy live plants  

You said it was going to be awhile save up $ for the 10 g.  I highly recommend focusing on getting the 6.1 going and stable.  In 4-5 maybe more months when yours fish are adult size and you see hiw fully they populate the 6.1 I think you will realize trying to overstock your 6.1 g as well as a future 10 is not good.  

Do you have a hatch/ growout tank for all the fry you plan to breed? Do you have a plan on where to sell these babies? You most likely will want to keep at least a few babies born in your tanks.  If the original tank is already over capacity where do you intend to put the babies you want to keep.

You may already have a plan. Some of your questions and stock choices lead me to believe you may be trying to put the cart before the horse so to speak. Many folks start off that way so I want to be sure folks have all the information to give you the correct assistance.  
Is this your first tank?

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The thing with my tank is that the base is large but the height is short. tank

Even though my stocking would not work in a regular 6 gal it works in my tank to the the base size.

I can comfortable fit 6 furcata rainbowfish( which are larger the both species) in my 10 gal

I was thinking that if all three species spawn in the same container. then every day I could empty out the container in my 5 gal (top fin regular tank) growout tank.

Then separate them once they reach juvenile stage.


I plan on selling them at my local LFS. I have talked to them about this and they have signed a "paper contract"

I used to have a deal with them for endler and bristlenose plecos

And no this is not my first tank

30 gal- Koi angelfish, cardinal Tetras, Kuhli Loach

20 Gal- platy, cherry barb, glowlight tetra

20- gal Bully discus( he was horny with female discus), Cardinal tetras, Apistogramma Cactuiodes, kuhli Loaches

Thanks BTW

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