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Rasbora id

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     C85E72A2-9D08-4803-BC41-259F12F845D5.jpeg.1fb0eacc89dd70bb1fa8d6fd72044abe.jpeg2F52B9C7-0922-46F7-9B8E-C43746E08364.jpeg.aa2c23b387c4fe4e6460e558b9d37541.jpegF4AF2B9C-B11F-4CCC-9159-9C2AC10A5E58.jpeg.4f846afbbf9e6260a33173f282066ad8.jpegI'm trying to confirm whether these two fish are Chilli Rasboras. I bought a group of 6 a couple months ago, but they've never fully colored up as expected. I bought 3 more from a different fish store, and those are bright red. Are both groups the same fish, but perhaps one group male and the other female? One group is smaller and less colorful. I'm also wondering if their age makes a difference. All were sold to me as Chili Rasboras. 

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Someone who is smarter than me will be able to help you out. What I can tell you from my personal experience is that they don’t color up until they’re older. 

My older, established group 


The juveniles I got to boost my numbers

The older guys looked like the younger ones when I first got them. As they grew up they colored up really nicely. 

I will say that yours look like 2 different fish to me. The Chili’s have more of a stripe across their body, while the other ones with less color seem to have just a dot. 

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On 6/22/2024 at 9:14 PM, Steve and His Animals said:

The striped ones look like chilis (Boraras briggitae) to me, while the spotted ones look like the dwarf spotted rasbora (Boraras maculatus).

I had a feeling these were mislabeled. I liked the spotted rasboras but I really wanted chillis. Good thing is that they're so small that I can get some chillis and it won't have a negative impact on the tank. Thanks👍

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Omg that's perfect.  My local LFS is often sold out of chili's, and when they do get them they are absolutely _tiny_. But they have tanks of three other well fed cousin species. 

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You don’t really want them to hybridize.  They are similar enough that most won’t want hybrids because they can’t be clearly identified.  Just because they will doesn’t mean you should.  🤷🏻‍♀️ 

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