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Holiday Food Recipes and Photos


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Ooo, fun topic! When I got married to my husband and started joining his family for Thanksgiving/Christmas, I found out that they're very picky about only eating the most traditional American holiday foods (e.g., turkey, pumpkin pie, green bean casserole). I would make all sorts of new desserts for them to try, and nobody would ever eat them beyond a polite little bite.  Finally, one Christmas I brought this praline crunch mix that was ripped off the back of a Quaker Oats cereal box, and it was huge hit. Very simple recipe that makes for a great pre-dinner snack while you're waiting for the turkey or ham to finish cooking.


In our family, we call this Crunchy-Crunchy. My mother-in-law makes a big batch of this every Christmas. We receive it in the big box of gifts and my youngest is very excited to see Grandma's Crunchy-Crunchy snack mix. I...


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