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Crypt melt or thinning?

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     I've had these crypts growing in several tanks for about 6 months. In this particular tank, they've experienced sudden thinning. Up until a week ago, they were growing so well that you couldn't see any gaps. They thinned out, seemingly from one day to the next. I've included a second pic which shows the rest of the tank.
   The stem plants and terrestrial plants that are rooted in water are all still thriving. I dose easy green bi-weekly. The Hydrocotyle has taken over half the tank since I added a couple stems a few weeks ago. I'm wondering whether these crypts (sold to me as Indonesian brown) went through the root tabs and just need more. I had not added any for about three months. Will they recover? 5040BD84-DC78-472C-A0DB-3A7FD36B5289.jpeg.e69b0a9a179d704e40eddac9e23f8bcf.jpeg5C631C75-95EC-49C4-8B85-9911C4C40D35.jpeg.7a99a2609615d7bbc5872957e4612271.jpeg

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