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What should I do? Fin Rot Treatment not going well.


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I have a betta with confirmed fin rot. Per Marycan and Marycan 2 directions, a hospital tank is recommended to treat the fish, which I set up Wednesday night new and started the treatment on Thurs day morning with 2 packs of Marycan 2 and 1 pack of Marycan per directions. My fish was very active swimming up until this morning. He is just floating at the top of the tank not really moving and will not eat beyond one very small pellet. I have a new sponge filter, heater, in the tank. I did add Prime Concentrated Conditioner for Freshwater, and Seachem Stability per directions for 10 gal tank. The Nitrates are off the chart at 80 ppm, also the PH looks off about 8.0 on the chart but really hard to read the color. I used API Master Test kit. 

The question I have is should I put him back in his regular tank that is balanced, remove the carbon media, and continue his treatment with Marycan and Marycan 2 (Have you had an issue with using Marycan and Marycan 2 to treat your fish)? Or should I keep treating him in his hospital tank? Or stop the maracyn treatments and treat with API Aquarium salt or something else in his hospital tank? NOt sure what to do. Thank you for your help!

Water Parameters:

  • pH 8.0 ish
  • Nitrates 80PPM 
  • Hardness GH 160.2 ppm
  • Nitrite 0.0
  • Ammonia 0.0
  • KH/Buffer  89 ppm
  • Water Temperature 78.3


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First I wouldn't recommend using maracyn and maracyn2 together at the same time  that can be stressful on the fish and won't be more effective most case of fin rot are caused by gram negative bacteria so maracyn2 or kanaplex both broad spectrum antibiotic treatment that predominantly treated gram negative bacteria loss of appetite can be caused by high levels of nitrate or he could be stressed due to the medication what I would do is put him back this tank and  treat with maracyn2  and add a small amount of aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 5 gallons that will aid Gill function and add essential electrolytes and add an extra air stone during treatment @Vonz1

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Thank you, Colu☺️ . So you are saying  don't use Maracyn and Maracyn 2 together but use Maracyn 2 with Aquarium Salt 1tbl/5 gal and put him back in his regular balanced tank. Thank you again. This makes sense, he was also showing signs of stress trying to swim back in to his home tank from the hospital tank. 😥

Thank you Tony s! 

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