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@Streetwise,  Thanks for posting that update.   I see the show is scheduled for 3:00 pm EST.  That's good for me since we'll have Thanksgiving dinner around 1:00 pm.  I did promise myself not to drink too much wine though.  I want to make it through watching the entire 4 hour live stream, awake, lol.  

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I never seen the word coalesced in text. A very weird one. haha

Thank you for your continued support as always. When I took this job we were around 40k subscribers, I thought this would be the best way to hone my editing capabilities and get my work seen. Now we're sitting 500k strong and I work on the videos knowing they'll be watched by such an amazingly vocal and for lack of a better term "nontoxic" community. So THANKS for all the comments, likes, dislikes and endless posts. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! CHEERS


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