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10 gallon planted stocking suggestions

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Hello everyone,


I have a 10 gallon planted tank, image attatched. I currently have 1 gourami and 3 panda Cory. I was looking to maybe add more fish/plants…. Any suggestions? Can I add more corys or should I go for a middle swimmer? What about some shrimp?


also does anyone know if my gourami is a honey or thick lipped? I bought it under the impression it was a honey but someone on a different post noted it was a thick lipped but wasn’t sure. Thanks!!!





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I wouldn’t put Panda Cory’s in anything under a 20 unfortunately. If you want Cory’s, you could definitely do a little school of Pygmy Corydoras! They do tend to school midwater so just keep that in mind.

As for schooling fish, I think you could easily fit a little school of small fish in there. Anything that tops out around an inch would be ideal.

Ember Tetras, Chili Rasboras, CPD’s, Clown Killifish (which stay up top), and Green Neon Tetras are all great options.

And I do agree your Gourami is definitely a thick lipped, not a Honey. 🙂

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I have 5 pandas in a 10. Not ideal. But like you it was one of my first tanks ever. They are doing fine after a couple of years. Still chasing each other around. The sizing could be better. But it’s not horrible. You might just want another 2 for better behavior patterns. It’s more a matter of keeping a small tank’s water in check. The smaller the tank, faster the nitrates build up. If you’re diligent, and keep it down, everyone should be just fine. 

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"What about shrimp?"

A few neocaridina shrimp of whatever color would be good in there, but I would be cautious about an amano shrimp as they are really voracious feeders and your tank might not have enough biotics in it for them to remain healthy.  Either way, you need an older tank with more algae and biofilms before adding shrimp of any sort, and waiting is also going to help your tank conditions are more stable for them.   

Another kind of shrimp that you could possibly maintain if you feed it by adding powdered materials into the water, is a giant fan/vampire shrimp.  They are so cool and they feed straight out of the water column (or they will begin sifting the substrate mulm if it exists, if the water column is too clear).  Maybe theres a vampire shrimp expert here who could chime in..

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