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Corydora/pleco/kuhli loach questions

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I’m team Cory too! Depending on your pleco variety, they may either get huge or you’ll pretty much never see them😂

And Kuhli loaches are awesome little noodles but they also can be very shy.

Corys are always out and about in the town and I think they just add a lot of activity to the bottom of the tank!

I vote Pandas or Julliis but it really comes down to personal preference.

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I  would go for middle sized cories. I had problems matching smallest cories like pygmys with bettas before. I also had issues with bigger sized cories like sterbais or gold lasers in smaller sized tanks like my 96 liter tank before when they were fully grown.

So middle sized cories are the best imo. My pandas do great in my shallow nano tank with the dimensions of 50x40cm

Kuhlis hide a lot.


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On 6/19/2024 at 8:29 PM, TinaPax-Peeks said:

For a 20g planted aquarium with plans to have a Betta as the centerpiece fish, which of these would you pick, how many, and why?

Corydora (albino, panda, Jullii)

Pleco (bristlenose)

Kuhli loach


All of them, one pleco, 6 kulhi loaches and 6 Panda cories 

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On 6/20/2024 at 12:50 PM, TinaPax-Peeks said:

Wow, Cory's have quite the fan base!

They make a cool community group. There's a large variety to choose from, just avoid the larger species.

I love kuli loaches, but I have a tank with about a dozen and I only ever see 1-2 at a time.

A Pleco you probably want to stick to one ... and figure it will grow. Could be an issue down the road if it fills out the tank and runs out of stuff to eat.

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@Rube_Goldfishyou rang?! As one of the old timers on here I guess I’ve created some content that’s being called back which is cool! 

It depends on the tank, the goals and the wishes of the keeper and of the bettas. 

I have had chill bettas and I have had spicy ones. As Gump said you never know what you’ll get. I’ve also had them be fine and then suddenly become murderous bastards. 

Kuhli loaches are great but you need a good number - over 10 - to see them very often in a 20 g. Even then you may only see them right before the lights go out or after the lights go out depending on the group. They go well with a betta as they’ll hide easily and camouflage very well. 

Corys - although they’re in the process of changing many of their names - are a diverse group in terms of temps they will tolerate, behaviors and looks. As the founding member of the Panda Cory Appreciation Society I’m a fan. Presently I have Coryadoras aeneus, venezuelanus, hastatus, pygmaeus, similis, gold lazers. I would actually favor a larger group of a dwarf Cory vs a larger bodied one. I think the diminutive size would help them be less threatening to the betta. But once again it’s betta dependent. 

Plecos - Ancistrus could work but I’ve had Bettas who couldn’t stand them. I had one that hunted the clown and rubber lipped plecos. Cover and a very narrow cave only the pleco could access would be best. 

Another algae eater is the otocinclus - in groups and with some sword plants you can sometimes even breed them. I’ve never had a betta go after them! 

have all the fun and enjoy the ride! 

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