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(Pet) rosy red minnow has hemorrhage… is it what I think it is..

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So I got 6 rosy red minnows from PetSmart and am running them through with some prazipro. I noticed one of them has a good sized hemorrhage/blotch on both sides of their body. Is this that one disease that basically is a death sentence for all of them? I have her quarantined but now I’m afraid it’s a loss cause and I just ruined my hospital tank. If so what are the steps to make sure everything is disinfected?

ALSO: I just checked on her in her 5 gallon hospital tank and she’s swimming like she’s panicking?

tank: 10 gallon with sand and some caves. Lucky bamboo sticking out the top along with a pothos vine. Sponge filter.

temp: 75ish F


ammonia 0

nitrite 0 

Nitrate >5 (just did a water change)





One of them I just noticed has a white portion on their tail? It almost looks like it’s shedding is skin and it’s stuck on the tail (yes I know that’s not possible I don’t think lol)


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Looks like a bacterial infections that starting to turn into body rot I would treat with kanaplex or maracyn2 which every one is more readily available I would do two courses of treatment back to back and add I would also add some aquarium salt 1 table spoon for 3 gallons that will aid Gill function and add essential electrolytes just remember to only put back in what you take out so if you do  a 3 gallon water change put 1 table spoon of salt back in as salt only removed though water changes keep the salt at that level for week and add an extra air stone during treatment @SwimmingBlueberry

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