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What Baby Fry is This?

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Can't seem to get good pictures since they are so small. Just noticed them today. Can anyone figure out what fry these fish are?

In the tank are Rainbow fish (Boe and Turquoise), Otocinclus and Panda Corydoras. So it has to be one of those 4.

Anyone else to figure it out so I can care for them?










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On 6/18/2024 at 3:38 PM, Garavar said:

Thanks. There are 4 how should I care for them so they don't get eaten by mommy or daddy any good guides?

I would catch them out and move them into their own tank or breeder box, and then feed lots of fine foods depending on the mouth size of the fish , doing lots of water changes to keep water quality high.

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Also, if you managed to breed otto's, you would be pretty lucky.  They are exceptionally hard to breed in captivity, apparently.   (or is it even possible? my understanding was that it wasn't, but there's a bunch of contradicting claims online that it can be done. )

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