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Looks like Planaria but isn't

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Hi folks has anybody come across a creature that has the same body shape as Planaria with a clear body and about a half inch long?

I usually catch a few when I collect daphnia from my local duck pond (will get a picture next time)

The first time I fed the daphnia and saw them swimming about in my aquariums I completely panicked but quickly realised that within a couple of minutes the fish had munched their way through every single one of them, even my ember tetra went after them like it was a steak dinner!

Just curious what they are

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Planaria will usually have a blunt arrowhead-shaped front end, with a couple dark spots where their primitive eyes are. They can be up to 1cm or even larger, which is in line with the half-inch you describe above. If what you're seeing is white/clear/translucent, not obviously segmented, no legs or appendages or spikes or limbs, slides around on glass or other surface (does not swim), and has head as above, it's most likely just a big planaria, or other related/similar flatworm. 

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