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What should I know about chloramine

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I’m moving soon and the place has way better tap water than I’ve ever had before. With 7.8 ph, 6kh, 8gh. A little hard but nothing I don’t think a tiny amount of acid buffer won’t make perfect. I’m likely going to just use tap water instead of RODI from now on thankfully.

However, I read the tap water has chloramine. Does this take longer to treat than chlorine or have any other potential concerns for me? Just want to know what I’ll be dealing with, assuming it’s not a huge deal but I want to be cautious. Thanks for any help or advice you can provide!

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Gotta treat chlorimides. I learned the hard way.

At my old house, I'd have a bucket that I'd leave sit. Chlorine just dissipated. Not the same story at my new house. 20 years later starting a new tank, I learned about the difference.

I had no idea that didn't work for Chlorimides. Felt silly. Fortunately with any significant water changes, I did treat the water. Not thinking I lost fish, just a waste of time having a bucket of water sitting around.

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