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Last year I had a few open aquarium and decided to add another aquarium fish into the fishroom to work with. I ended up picking the cherry barb due to their color and size, plus the fact they can't cross breed to any of my current fish.

I started by going around to my local fish store and buying every veiltail cherry barb I could find. I ended up picking up 25 fish from 3 location. I let all 25 fish age out for 6 more month before I picked my breeder, that'll give the fish a chance to recover and be at their best. 

There was 2 deformity that I found within the 25 fish. Most of them had kink on their top tailfin. The really bad one went back to lfs.



the other problem is the hump or bad body conformation 


I don't work with color til the very end, until I get their conformation right.

Out of the 25 I found 2 ok male and a very nice female

This male had an ok conformation, looks like the hump is about to start or show. I liked how much tailfin he had and how straight it was


this female was perfect in everywhere great conformation and great tail. She was the only female I used and was my foundation. Screenshot_20240616_223639_Gallery.jpg.f42f84f07abee62990dc05f6e39f2f6d.jpg


none of their babies carry the thick tail over, such a shame. 

but here is the next generation, their conformation is a bit better, not perfect. The tail looks ok, still weak.

I pickup the high dorsal gene so they will be going that direction. 

Here's a photo bomb of the future breeder


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