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long time lurker, first time poster. 

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I'm korik. I used to keep goldfish as a teen but have been out of the game for a long time. More than a year ago, I snuck back in with a 2.5 gallon shrimp tank. (That's how long I've been lurking here.) And as I've wanted a pond for a long time, I started building a stock tank pond in October. This weekend, I finally got 3 little Shubunkins. Collectively named, Koba, Yashi, and Maru. They are still in my quarantine tub. But this is my pond they will be going in. IMG_20240616_094751172.jpg.49ae81b167c69be90ad628a758befe80.jpg

The canister filter is run by a solar powered pump. Which I think I will modify to have a stronger flow than that little tube next season, but should be fine for now.  I also have an air pump with an air stone and a large sponge filter (which is currently in their quarantine tub with them.) 

I'm a little nervous about introducing my wee little fishies to my pond. This was a lot easier when I was a blissfully ignorant teen adding feeder goldfish to my 20 gallon whenever I saw a pretty one I wanted. 🤷  But, I'm fairly sure that I've done this as best as I can. I look forward to spending the summer sitting by my pond watching fish swim happily to and fro. 


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