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Inline water dechlorinator

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Hi all, I'm trying to buy an inline water dechlorinator for my fishroom. The one the Ryo Watanabe has is my inspiration. But I can't find that one for sale even online. I do not want a RO system or particle filter. I would love it if I could get one that uses loose activated carbon because I already have that stuff by the bags.

My tap water is just fine except for chorine. I currently fill up a bucket and let it off gas for a day but I'd like to have dechlorinated water for my sink in my garage that I could also use for water changes. 

Does anybody know what Cory has in his fish room? I know he is on a well now so maybe he doesn't have one at all but he must have had one in his old fish room.


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You could just go to Lowe’s or home depot. They sell whole house water filters that do that. You could just put hose adapters on it if you just want to run it from a hose.

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