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Howdy! I have found a lot of useful information from this forum just from google searches, so i thought id join the club! About 6 years ago i had 8 bettas (2 were half moon male, 4 were hmpk male, and 2 were hmpk female), a pair of what i believe were paleatus cories, and a trio of sterbais. I was successfully breeding the paleatus for my lfs when an unfortunate accident from misreading a label took not just the paleatus but also my sterbais. Im now looking to get back into the game with dwarf cories, guppies, and of course some snails and shrimp (not going to breed snails and shrimp, at least not intentionally lolz). My plan is to do better, give better, and care better. I always pour my heart and soul into my animals always doing my best to give my best care to them as possible. Ive had many animals in the last 12 years besides fish, 2 dogs (1 miniature pinscher who passed last summer, and a great dane who will be 4yrs next month), 2 cats (both gone unfortunately), 4 crested geckos, (2 male 2 female), a gargoyle gecko (male), and a leopard gecko (female). I have many many pics of my animals but i will only post the fishies unless asked for the others.

First and second image is of spot and dot and their babies (paleatus)

3rd-5th pics are of the HMPK, the only one who i definitely remember his name is the 5th pic: patriot

Last 2 pics are of my HM bettas toothless (blue) and cloud jumper (white)










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Thank you. Unfortunately they all passed within a year of getting them for one reason or another. Ive always enjoyed taking care of animals and with my min pin gone to the rainbow bridge and my great dane doing well, i feel...kinda useless... So i made a deal with the hubs that if i quit vaping i can have fishies again! So im working real hard so that $150 i normally spend on vape i can spend on fishies!

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Posted (edited)

Thank you. They were all awesome fish. Both the regular bettas were so full of personality. All the plakats were of the marble gene and eventually all ended up either sick or with tumors 😔. I didnt want to but not knowing any better i relieved them of their suffering in the most humane way i could find on google. I already have even before i joined! Im just glad i can be a part of a community where we all share the same passion involving fish tanks and water! Salt, fresh, fish, plants, corals, invertebrates, or all of the above! 

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