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Is this a good community tank?

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Hello, not sure if this goes on General discussion but her it goes,

I'm wondering if the fish that have in my tank is a good community combination:

  • 2 Angel Fish
  • 2 Red Platy
  • 2 Golden Whonder Killifish
  • 3 Neon Blue Gourami
  • 5 Otocinclus
  • 5 Nerite Snails
  • 2 Mystery Snails
  • 3 Silver Danio
  • 1 Leopard Danio
  • 3 Zebra Danio
  • 3 Corydoras
  • 10 Ghostshrimps (Or less)

I want to add an apistogramma agassizii, it is a good Idea to add them to my tank?

So far they seem pretty chill

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some quick question. How big is the tank? water kind of water hard or soft? no problems either way, it just affects recommendations. and are these fish already in the tank or is this just preliminary?

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Without knowing anything about tank size, I would suggest doing higher numbers of the schooling fish. So instead of 3 zebra and 3 silver Dania, do 6-8 of one of those species. Same for the cories do 5-6 instead of 3.  Also I don't know much about Neon Blues but Gouramis can be pretty aggressive so I would be careful putting 3 in there with 2 angel fish. (Angel fish can get aggressive as well.)

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I could be wrong but I would say thats pretty full for a 40G. Agassizi are known to be some of the most aggressive Apistos so I would caution adding one to such a stocked tank.

I would consider trading in some of the Danios to get more of the same kind and add some more Cories of the same kind.  Pay attention to aggression levels of the Gouramis and the Angelfish. Often times everyone will get along and then one day, one fish will decide its boss and start attacking the others.

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On 6/11/2024 at 10:08 AM, Ventuxio said:

Also the water is on 200 of hardness

yeah, so i'd stay away from apistogramma in that hardness. I have your hardness so... I'd also like apistos, but don't believe they'd do well for us. something like kribensis could work. Dwarf gourami get territorial. not so much picking on other fish, but on each other. if it's well planted with plenty of site break, should be no problem.

I'd probably double or triple the number of corys, they feel more comfortable and less shy in bigger groups. I had 6 skunk in a 75g, they hid. i doubled it to 12. now they're all over the place

or instead of apistos, bolivian rams do work in our water

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On 6/11/2024 at 11:02 AM, Ventuxio said:

Even if they are Dwarf?

unfortunately dwarf gourami can be a bit aggressive. especially to each other. but oh, so pretty.  pearl and honey gourami are the peaceful ones. now, not all dwarfs are aggressive. depends on the individuals. I have three together, they chase each other a bit. they have their own areas picked out. which works for now. but may not always. it's just something to keep an eye out for. hopefully doesn't happen at all

and if you have different levels of male to female you could have serious aggression issues

my dwarfs are all male. so no breeding aggression

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On 6/11/2024 at 2:06 PM, sumplkrum said:

The Angel fish will get larger, so it's more likely the Gourami will be the ones to get beat on

I have 8 angels currently. for the most part they're nonaggressive. they only become aggressive when they pair off to mate. then all heck breaks loose. depending on the pair. I had a non-aggressive koi pair. then I had a pair of marbled get really aggressive. to the point of pushing praecox rainbows to the bottom of the tank. they earned their own tank for that nonsense. Dwarf gourami's can be different. some of them are just born with a screw loose

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