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Limia vittata colony with cross river puffers update

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The limia vittata colony that started with 6 has been getting pretty large in the cross river puffer pond. The puffers do seem to enjoy the company and clean up crew. I may need to make a limia trap to relocate the colony if this keeps up though




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On 6/12/2024 at 5:17 AM, Guppysnail said:

You must keep those puffers very well fed for the limia colony to have grown that drastically.  Gorgeous puffer 💕

Thanks @Guppysnail. Yeah none of the water puppies starve here lol. Puffers are big on messy eating so it works well (until i find a mate for him and have to figure out how to catch the limia out). 

I feed +/- 8 frozen tilapia strips, 20 small clams in shell, 8 large frozen crayfish, 50 ramshorns/malaysian trumpet snails, and 100 earthworms a week for the 2 cross river puffers. The limia probably eat 10% of all of it as it blows a4ound the water column

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