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Kubotai or Green Neon Rasbora Experience and Tips?

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Just what the tin says. Any tips on stocking, tankmates, tank substrate + decor are appreciated. I was thinking 6 neon rasboras, 6 pygmy cory, and 2-3 Amano shrimp for my next 10G tank. The tank is 23 inches long, and 14 inches wide. The goal is a cool water aquarium

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We have 23 kubotai in our 65 gallon, see signature. They are very lively, not shy and stick consistently in upper and sometimes mid water. The water is at 71 deg F, no heater. They are the littlest fish we have in the community, and live peacefully with amano, tetras, cory, Bolivian ram, otocinclus and barbs. Very happy with them!

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