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Corydoras weitzmani

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I have been working down in my fish room since I am off work this week. I have let my corydoras weitzmani tank just kind of be on autopilot, except have been topping off from evaporation with RO water, a couple weeks ago, we had a storm system coming thru so the tank had evaporated about 50% and I filled it back up with RO water. The tank is chock full of java moss and guppy grass as well as a couple spawning mops I had thrown in. I thought I'd pull the plants and spawning mops out and see if I had any luck, and what did I find?  Some little corydoras fry! I caught 10 and put in a breeder box, then put all the moss and stuff back in the tank and filled it back up. I looked in a little while later and I saw at least two more swimming around, so they must have been hiding in the plants and spawning mops. My adults are wild caught, I got them almost two years ago at my local fish club's Christmas party, they had a bunch of rare fish that were raffle prizes and I won a group of 8 of them. They get live blackworms when I can get hold of some, frozen brine and bloodworms, and pellets. 


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