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Planted Tank Concerns/Observations

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Hello, I’m just providing plant updates about my tank, and some concerns I have:

pH: 7.8

Ammonia: 0ppm

Nirite: 0ppm

Nirate: 40ppm (Mainly Easy Green)

KH: 7dKH

GH: 13dGH

Also, I dose 2 cups of Flourish Iron 3x a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).

-Amazon Swords, with the exception of one have been growing well, despite my mistake of fertilizer burning them. The one in question hasn’t grown any new leaves or shown any signs of decay/death. 

-The Red Tiger Lotus continues to excel and has 6 lily pads I wanted to keep (I cut down 8 so far, which goes to show you how fast it has been growing within 2 months), as well as growing more leaves closer to the bulb. The lily pads are starting to take on a pink-spike core appearance now as opposed to the green-pac-man shape they had to start off. I guess that’s the Flourish Iron at work with the colors.

- Hygrophila Corymbosa are continuing to grow and shed off the emersed leaves, but my fish continue to feast on the leaves, and some of them are looking like they aren’t recovering too well. Should I get rid of them? They do still look nice for the most part, and are a lot fuller compared to when I first got them. In addition, I did cut off a lot of the decaying/unhealthy leaves (the photos of them aren’t updated).

The Hygrophila Angustofolia has grown in height (some more than others), and the leaves aren’t being munched on as much by my inhabitants as the Corymbosa are. 

-Anubias are staying their courses with a leaf here and there. Nothing to really report on, as well as the Bucephalandra. The Bolbitis, however are propagating. 

-Ludwigia Arcuata continues to shine and has oddly has all of its emersed leaves still.  The stems are having new stems grow throughout the plant, rather just from the top only.
Ludiwgia Super Red on the other hand, have been growing leggy and is starting to lose the submerged growth it has been experienced since being added to my tank. 

-The Green Bacopa has shown significant growth, most noticeable on the left middle side of the tank.

- The Java Fern and Cryptocornes have recovered well from my prior disaster with this tank. 







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The fact that this is the state of your tank when you're 'concerned' is absolutely amazing. [what do your tanks look like when you're not concerned?!] Your tank is stunning. STUNNING. !!!!!!!! I would keep up with what you're doing. No need to remove the plant at all. I have an old book (from the late 60s) about aquarium plants and they talk about h. corymbosa, recommending that aquarists pinch off the top leaves before they grow emersed and that this will encourage 'bottom' growth. I have no experience with this and as the book is 60 years old, I don't know how well this holds true - however, you could give it a go! 😁

I have gone through 4 amazon swords. The biggest 'problem' with my 3 swords that died was planting the crown in my substrate. This just causes root rot and the plant can't grow. This might be your problem - as Amazon swords loveeee nutrients and it seems like you're dosing often. And the results are paying off! Beautiful scape. 5/5. Keep it up!!!!

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