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Expel-P dosing in food


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Hello everyone,

I usually dose Expel-P in the water column, because trying to get certain fish to eat medicated food is a losing battle. However, I believe I need to treat some juvenile rainbow fish (Melanotaenia trifasciata) for possible wasting disease, and these guys eat anything. 

I found @Colu's dosing instructions for levimasole/Expel-P in food (.5 g levimasole to 7 g fish food pellets), but had a couple questions. First, does it have to be pellets? I do not feed my rainbows any hard foods like pellets or wafers because of issues I've had. I guess the soaking process would soften up the pellets and probably eliminate any problems, but could I soak some ACO freeze dried baby brine shrimp in the levimasole? Will that mess up the measurements?

Secondly, should I be siphoning/water changing every day to remove expelled worms, or do I just wait until the end of the treatment period, which I think was suggested to be 7 days?

Thank you!!!


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You can try soaking the baby brine but it’s less certain how well the meds will stick to them.  Pellets have some carbohydrates which are probably a bit more reliable at absorbing the meds - think steak vs bread when comparing.  It might work, but it might not, and it will be hard to tell how well the meatier food delivered the drug.  If you dose and your fish respond, then yippee!  You don’t need to siphon daily since you don’t need to dose daily.  The meds work within 24 hours (likely within a couple hours) so siphoning within 24 hours after dosing is enough but repeating siphoning after another 24 hours would also be smart.  The interval between doses is because of the life-cycle of the parasites, aiming to hit them at a stage that is vulnerable to treatment.  Typically, there will be parasites at varying stages of their lifecycle within the fish, so weekly dosing of Expel-P / Levamisole is aimed at hitting them at their weakest point as the individual worms move through their life cycle within the fish.

Praziquantal / PraziPro (or various other brands) is one that does better when left in the water for a week at a time, then siphon and water change after that.

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