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what is the coolest fish-related thing you own?

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Whether it is products, actual aquariums, fish, plants, books, knick-knacks... whatever, show off the coolest or favorite fish / aquarium - related thing you own!

I will go first: the coolest thing I own is this book, originally published in 1967, The Life of Rivers and Streams by Robert Usinger. It talks about freshwater habitats, and talks a lot about aquatic microfauna, algae, water composition, and of course, insect larvae! While it isn't 'directly' related to aquariums, it helped my overall knowledge on aquatic habitats & ecosystems a lot.

I am excited to see!


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On 6/7/2024 at 2:39 PM, Lennie said:

I had a similar topic back in the days that you may like reading



Yes, I did enjoy reading !!!!! I have so many fishie beanie babies, one of my favorite things I own is a pastel rainbow Great White Shark I got while visiting the Seaside Aquarium last year in Oregon. My one complaint is, like most shark stuffies, it has the wrong number of gill slits. I love the teeth though! 


... and my 'ocean' and aquatic beanies !


the hammerhead and goochy the jellyfish are my favs of these IMG_20240607_154512.jpg.8e25204f2052e5d6f2f147436c94e6b6.jpg

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The 'coolest thing' (and I genuinely love it) is my special pump I use for water changes. It has a 10 meter long hose that I can connect to the sink and vice versa. I won't have to run back and forth with a bucket a hundred times during water changes. Life changer. Maybe this is lame but I think it's so cool haha

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Posted (edited)
On 6/8/2024 at 5:42 PM, T. Payne said:

@tolstoy21 is that for brine shrimp?

Actually, I use those as part of regenerating DI resin. 

My well water TDS is pretty high so I burn through a lot of resin making RODI water.  So, a while back, I started regenerating and re-using resin as opposed to having to mortgage my home to afford new resin all the time. Specifically, I go through anion resin very quickly. Cation resin last me much longer before needing to be recharged.

The first picture is a separating funnel used for separating the anion from cation resin in 'mixed-bed' type resins (they have to be separated because they are re-generated differently).

The second picture is a filter funnel for draining and rinsing the resin when it's done recharging. 

Having these on hand makes the process of recharging resins much simpler for me than it was when I originally started do this.

But, now that you mention it, the separating funnel would make a mighty fine brine shrimp hatchery!

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