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What are the online platforms people used today to buy-sell fish locally?

Doc Gonic

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Hi All,
I used to sell a lot of fish/shrimp at my local fish club. Then a little over a year ago I move pretty far away and there's no local clubs where I am.
I had some heavy losses during my move sadly, and I've been slowly rebuilding my tank setups and growing up fish again.

I'm back to looking to sell again, but without a club and without a freshwater store to sell/trade them too I'm left with only online methods to try and sell locally. Which I kind of prefer, you get to meet other fish keepers face to face in your local area, and I love that.

I'm using craigslist, which I used to use in the past. But that seems very heavy on the older generation "like myself" 😄. Facebook seemed to boom really well until I realized all my listings were taken down due to their No Live Animal policy.

So my question is, to the Hobbies around the web, what's the new craigslist? I'm not interested in shipping; this is just some hobby income that pays for my fish food and a tank replacement now and again. It's more of participating in the local hobby and getting local people some cool aquarium pets on the cheap.

Thank you for all your input/thoughts!

P.S I have thought of starting a club, but I'm pretty busy with my day-job and house repairs. Maybe in 5-10 years if I retire is can be the new thing that keeps me busy then!


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On 6/7/2024 at 12:41 PM, T. Payne said:

Online Facebook groups are usually a good resource. I've started one in my area and we now have over 1,000 members, its not really a club, but we have even had a few get togethers.

Hey I like that idea! That sounds exactly what could be the kernel that starts a club down the line.

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