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Stocking ideas for a 50gal pool tank

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Looking for stocking ideas for my new tank. Tank is relatively flat and deep with the longest side being 32 inch. Temperature is at 72f and the water is soft.

Currently I only have a few zebra danios in there, and I would like to add similar active fish.

Thanks for your ideas


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50gal lots of options

glowlight danios always look great

praecox rainbows but most dwarf rainbows from mid to south Australia can handle those temps 

A big school of cories would look great on the bottom




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Posted (edited)

Glowlight danios are difficult to get here, maybe I get some lambchob rasbora, not a big fan of the rainbow fish.

I like corys but I don't have a lot of luck with them, always difficult to feed, they hide at feeding time and the rest is to greedy to leave food on the ground


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