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Do zebra danios stress out dwarf gouramis?

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I’m thinking of adding a dwarf gourami to my 29g, which houses zebra danios and guppies. However, I’ve heard that the fast swimming behaviors of zebra danios can be stressful for the slower dwarf gouramis. Do you think that’s true? Is keeping those two species together not advisable?

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Dwarf gouramis are truly problematic. Well known iridovirus is a common problem

other than that, there is a study done on those gouramis to check common diseases/problems, and oh boy, it is bad


“The authors examined the carcasses of 110 (41 males and 69 females) dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia). During the study 22 males and 39 females of theexamined dwarf gouramis showed lesions on the surface of their body and on the fins. In the gouramis with superficial wound more severe lesions developed such as ulcerative dermatitis in 38 cases and septicaemia in 8 cases. Culture from the basis of the ulcers revealed the presence of Aeromonas hydrophila besides ubiquiter bacterial flora. In case of 6 dwarf gouramis Tetrahymena piriformis infection was observed, while in 11 other cases white-spot disease caused by Ichthyophthirius multifiliis was diagnosed during the supplementary examinations. Pathological simple fatty infiltration was seenin the liver of 14 dissected gouramis, in additional 4 Capillaria species were also detected from the gastro-intestinal tract. The survey concluded insixgouramis with the result of tuberculosis in fish. Nine female gouramishad mature, but partially degenerated eggs in their body cavities.”

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