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hi i'm new here! + the story of my betta

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hey everyone!! you can call me speepy! i'm 24, and my dream of fishkeeping began when i was 16! like many others, i started off completely unprepared, uneducated, and with a betta in a 2 gallon uncycled tank. i realized he was not living a good life, but i had no money or resources to give him a better one unfortunately. it was really heartbreaking once i realized he was suffering. after that i wanted my next betta experience to be a proper one, so i daydreamed about it for 8 years until i finally set up my first proper tank in october last year 🙂

i want to share the story of how i got my current betta! i started off with a little plakat koi betta who unfortunately passed away to what i believe was extreme stress from being shipped to me. because i was brand new to the hobby, i failed to notice the signs he wasn't doing well. i was completely destroyed by this because i was SO excited and i felt like i failed him. i didn't get another fish right away because i needed time and was really reconsidering if i should try again.

december came around, and one of my ex coworkers texted me out of the blue asking if i wanted a betta. she heard from my friend who works with her that i might be able to give a home to the brand new petco betta she was given as a white elephant christmas gift. (along with a 1 gallon tiny plastic bowl, i was mortified) i was shocked but i took him in because after all i did have a cycled tank ready to go! truly the global fish distribution network at work here. and that was how i met my fiesty guy Knuckles the Echidna 😆 (red veiltail) and i'm also happy to share that he is thriving!!

anyways, i love the ACO community and the forums. i read them every day! i love seeing everyone's tanks and learning everything i can. i find out about a new type of fish every day and it's awesome. (my current favorites i've found out about are red whip catfish and black skirt guppies)

thank you for reading and i'll see you around!

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