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10 gallon vivarium journal - native plants and bugs to stock it!

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After a lot of contemplation, I have decided to turn my ten gallon into a vivarium (technically a riparium but that is hard for me to say) so I can study various aquatic insects and insect larvae over the summer... and probably year round!

I haven't started the build nor have I had any plans set in stone.

BUT --

here is what I do know!

Potential plant species:

  • Terrestrial:
    • wild ginger, false lily-of-the-valley, yellow stream violet, prince's pine, various mosses, silverweed, native grasses
  • Emergent:
    • merten's saxifrage, western maidenhair fern, marsh marigold,
  • submerged:
    • water purslane (ludwigia palustris), eleocharis (acicularis), watershield, wapato (sagittaria latifolia or s. cuneata), common water moss

I want it to be a shoreline of an eroded creek. I want it to have exposed roots (which have been processed) and a small little water fall which I would create using an extra 20g fountain pump I have nothing else to do with!

I don't know what bugs I will have in the enclosure -- short term or long-term -- but I am very excited to build this and study!

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Update on build:

I have added the area in for the terrestrial aspect using leftover glass and wood pieces and silicone. Once that cures I will begin the scape! 

I have also started collecting and propagating various mosses, liverworts, and even a couple lichens (pixie cup lichens, peltigera, letharia, and cetraria [if I identified them correctly!])... so far, the mosses I have found are Oregon Beaked Moss, curly thatch moss, Nuttall's yellow moss, badge moss, thyme moss, and black rock moss. I also have some water-moss I can borrow from my 30g. 

I haven't gotten any terrestrial plants yet, but I will soon!

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