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Breeder Box Idea for Fellow Livebearer Enthusiasts


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Lately I have dived head first into the exciting world of Endler's. I want to start breeding them over the summer to try and develop some colors and fin types that I really like to keep and add to my display tank. However, for this to work I would need an option that would allow me to save as many fry as possible that does not require me to be there at the tank 24/7. The best option for this kind of situation might be a Breeder Box of some kind.

The idea of a breeder box is simple, the female goes into a box where she can give birth and the fry can swim away into a larger tank through holes in the box. However a lot of commercially available breeder boxes are small and expensive, and I've been thinking about some alternatives to the same result. I have seen lots of DIY options used instead, but I don't really have the time to try those and am not really the best at DIY either. So I had a new idea, why not repurpose an aquarium product I already had lying around into a breeder box of my own that solves the issues I have with the already available breeder boxes.

This is the product I'm repurposing into a Breeder Box: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/cleaning-supplies/products/aquarium-co-op-fish-net?variant=39419347664965 The AquariumCoop Net.

I've had one for a while and haven't really had any good uses for it, and I've been thinking lately it might make a good Breeder Box option to try out. The holes allow fry and water flow through easily enough, it is very affordable, and in the larger sizes there is plenty of space for larger females, or multiple smaller females.

I've had this idea for a while now, the big issue has always been mounting. The net is a quality product, and is built heavy, it does not easily float on the surface of the water and it is not the easiest to attach a suction cup to. Here is what I managed to work out for my application:

My tank is a 5 gallon with the intent of breeding Endler's. The tank is about 16 in long and 8.5 in front to back, the net I had on hand was an Aquarium Coop Medium. At first I tried to place the net lengthwise across the tank but it just didnt work. Then I tried removing the handle and placing it width wise, this worked much better but not quite yet. So i took a large suction cup from a Ziss product I haven't used in a while and put it into the holes where the Net shaft would go into. This gave me the added length I needed allowing me to keep on side in place by friction fitting it to an aquarium wall, while the other side is held up by the suction cup. This setup allows me to easily move the net to match the water level, and it is very easy to remove if needed.

I currently have this setup with a few female Endler's in it for them and they are doing great with plenty of room to swim around. I just wanted to share this idea with my fellow Nerms in case it could be of use to anybody else.



Thanks for reading





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I like the idea. I’ve gotten into breeding my guppies here lately to. I set up a little rack of 10 gallon tanks so I can try and keep them separated. Running my own little experiment. 

I know with some turtles that the egg incubation temps can determine sex. And I’ve noticed in my 20 gallon tank I mainly get male guppies when they breed. And that tanks temp stays around 73-75 degrees. My other tank is a 40 and I keep that water around 77-82 and I noticed that one has more females being birthed. Some ima do some controlled breeding and maybe find some neat stuff out. 

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For guppies I have had great success making a mesh cage like Cory shows in this video. 

I made mine in the shape of an open top cube, using yarn to sew the edges together. Then it floats in a tank.  I let the pregnant moms be in the cage for a week then they go back into the adult tank.  The babies swim away from their Mom, through the mesh and are in the tank where I can net them out or let them grow up. 


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