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Confused about Honey Gouarmi Gender

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About three weeks ago I got a Honey Gouarmi and it has been thriving. Initially when i got it I saw a horizontal line down the body so I assumed it was a female.

However now I am noticing blue scales on the gill plates and throat area which I am pretty sure are part of a Male's breeding dress.

Can anyone help me solve this mystery? Im a complete Gouarmi amateur so its fully possible there is something i've missed.

Thanks so much.




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I can’t see it clear enough to tell. My understanding is female have orange color along the top ridge of dorsal males do not. This held true in all of mine.
This is breeding dress. Black chin  


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This was my male, Agave. He was completely pale when I got him for the first time. It may take some time for them to color up in a good home

RIP little guy. The most angelic fish ever



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