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New Apistogramma hongsloi pair

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Hey everyone. I went to my LFS today looking to get a shoal of 10 or so cardinal tetras and a pair of blue rams, for my month-old 30 gallon, only to discover that their cardinals tank was in quarantine and they were down to one blue ram. So I had to choose between going home empty handed (nope!), getting gold rams, or pick from 3 Apistogramma species. I ended up IMG_1333.jpeg.2aab0a720783059a4955337babafa411.jpeggetting a pair of A. hongsloi which I’m pretty excited about. I’d be interested in anyone’s experiences with these. 


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I’ve never had hongsloi but from the pics they are really pretty fish. I currently have 6 borelli and I love them.  I’m not sure how aggressive hongsloi are but you may need to get more female if he chases her incessantly. When I had a trifaciata I needed multiple females cuz that boy was a predator.

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On 6/2/2024 at 12:02 AM, mynameisnobody said:

I also had a pair of trifasciata and he tore that poor girl up, so I had to intervene. 

Thanks for the cautionary note. So far, everything is peaceful. The male A. hongsloi often tries to display for the female when their paths cross, but she’s ignoring him completely. He does not chase after her. Hopefully things remain peaceful - they aren’t even fully grown yet. 

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