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Clueless on what my poor Betta Oscar has. Ugh.


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I do see a few spots on the tail but the spots are not increasing from 3 days ago. There is some clear discoloration by the gill and stomach and face of fish. I cant find any pictures to match what he has. I did start an API super Ich treatment on Wednesday 3 days ago. I gave the second required dose on Friday yesterday and will do a 25% water change tomorrow per API directions. I did had NaCl table salt about 25 grams so to the 10 gal tank and another final 10 grams tomorrow. I have Ich=X arriving tomorrow and Fritz Maracyn and Maracyn 2 coming next Wednesday.  I included a couple of youtube videos below of the fish in his condition. Any help is appreciated. 

  • pH 7.6
  • Nitrates 0ppm
  • Hardness 75ppm
  • Nitrite 0ppm
  • Ammonia 0ppm
  • KH/Buffer 40 ppm
  • Water Temperature 83%  (to help get rid of Ich)




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Looking at the pictures and video am am struggling to see if the spots are raised or flat on the fin with the discoloration could have  a bacterial component what I would do is a course of maracyn2 as soon as it arrives and keep treating with API super ich cure if you can get a better picture of the spots to tell if there raised or flat that will help @Vonz1

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Thank you. It appears to be flat spots. Oscar is doing better today so I think I will not add the additional 10 grams of Salt to the tank and do the 25% water replacement per API Super Ich directions. I did receive my Ich-X bottle today 🙂 . I will treat with Maracyn 2 when it comes. Here are a few pics I took today. Thank you so very much. Love this adorable little man. 








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On 6/6/2024 at 10:59 PM, Vonz1 said:

Thanks Colu! Oscar has recovered from Ich+ and almost dying!! He is a happy water puppy!



Good to hear he made a full recovery 

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