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longfin super red pleco fin rot


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So a few months ago i cycled a tank completely even did a few extra dosses of ammonia to make sure it can handle 2ppm in under 24 hours. It grew a bunch of algae and seems pretty good the only thing is its a little cloudy. It has been a bit cloudy but i thought that was just the tannins from the wood. I admit i was over feeding when i first got them they were thin but as of late i have been only puting food in the morning taking it out at night. I water change every 3 days and syphon out all the waste. I woke up today to having one of the super reds with a sore under a pectoral and almost all of his tail fin is gone over night. I watch them almost every night so im pretty familiar with how they all look everyday. I did notice the one that got fin rot for a few days was flashing here and there but I thought maybe because its cloudy and I figured i could get that to go away with keeping up on water changes and feeding a bit less. 

Water parameters. 

20 long

7.0 7.2 ph its hard to tell. 

0 ammonia

0 nitrite

10 nitrate. I have about 6 plants in there converting from tissue cultures and they are already growing new leaves.

stock level is 6 young super reds. 

maintanence is a water change every 3 days with syphon. 

I have another 20 gallon long with hillstreams and otos in it but its a much more aged aquarium I was thinking about moving them over to that until their tank matures a bit more. I am just worried about over stocking but i dont mind water changing more to keep up. I also got the pleco with fin rot in a seperate quarantine 5 gallon. 

Any info would be amazing on what i might have done wrong or doing wrong. 

sick pleco 2.jpg

sick pleco.jpg

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Hi @goodjobchamp. I'm pretty familiar when it comes to a tank full of bottom feeders. Let me tell you, it's something you need to keep on top of. I think per your parameters you're doing ok. Siphoning every 3 days possiblly also good (though sometimes you have to wonder if it's something in the water changes that might effect them, especially this time of year when municipal water sometimes gets a chemical change). Personally I have a 20 high as a bottom feeder tank: I have 1 longfin albino female, probably a dozen False Julii Cory and possibly 30 or so Otocinclus (being conservative). This is admittedly overstocked for higher bioload fish but they won't be in here much longer. However the tank has been running relatively this way for the last year, maybe more. It's not a pretty tank but some of the things I do to avoid issues is:

Use bowls to put food in to contain their very, very messy eating habits. 

I only siphon 1x a week but I do DAILY short cleaning with a coral feeder (aka long baster) that sucks up a lot of the mess. 

I run 2 sponges and an HOB for filtration, I also have an Aquatop UV light/pump I turn on occasionally. 

Some things you could consider doing: Take something from your established tank (could be hardscape or even better more mature plants) and put it in this tank, this might help support the environment. I might also consider a anti-bacterial med. Finrot is usually a bacterial infection. Then just make sure water is super clean for as long as you can until they are healed. If you choose to medicate you *might* hold off on moving items from the other tank in case the med crashes the good bacteria (as it tends to do) so you would want to move it after the med bomb. 

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I did move media from the established tank into this tank to help along the cycle. I also use a baster to remove any food left behind and i have 3 sponge filters in there mainly becuase i was waiting for the aquarium coop one to cycle then i was gonna remove one of the older ones and put it into another tank. The pleco is being treated atm in his own little tank but he looks pretty bad. I thought i was staying ontop of the maintanence but as far as all that goes do you think i should move them into the more established 20gal long? it has 4 otos and 5 hillstreams. All of which are very healthy. @xXInkedPhoenixX

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Its an option but frankly I'd be afraid to spread a bacterial infection if he's got one. I'd treat him first and make sure there is some improvement before moving him to the established tank. That's just how I would handle it.

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