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Curious about lone Ranger Neon Tetra...

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Something that happened to my tank last year remains a mystery that I still think about. As such was curious if someone could shed some light...

I had an established 90 Gallon tank with 50 Cardinal Tetras, some Panda Corydoras and Otos. Being new to the hobby I actually hired a maintenance company to handle caring for the fish, water changes, cleaning, chemicals whatever. One day the fish got Ich, the company added medicine, and did a bunch of other things I don't remember to try to save them but all the Cardinal Tetras died except one. Upon closer inspection he/she was actually a Neon not a Cardinal that was mixed in I guess accidentally with the Cardinals.

A few months later (probably around 4-5 cant be certain) we decided to restock and added 20 new cardinals. The Ich came back and they all died again except for that original neon tetra. 

Tank is fine now, everything healthy and I am maintaining it myself, but every few days I still wonder what the heck happened? Was this Neon tetra just immune to whatever was happening? Or was he killing all his Cardinale buddies like an outbreak monkey? What's your thoughts?


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