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Plants Getting Too Big?

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Hi everyone! 
I’m new to the aquarium scene, but my tank is taking off beautifully!  I’m in the final stages of my tank cycle with my hardy fish. I was wondering if my plants are getting too big. Do I need to trim them back?  It’s a 5 gallon tank with 2 hardy fish. 

i have a Java Fern and a Pogostemon Stellatus 'Octopus'.

thank you for any help and advice!! 


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I think it looks great right now! The fish will for sure enjoy that - gives them a ton of places to hide and hang out. If it takes over the whole tank you can definitely trim it. As long as the fish still have room to swim around then you’re good to go!😂

And Java Ferns are slow growers so I wouldn’t worry about that guy much 🙂

Just make sure the Pogo doesn’t block the Java Ferns light, because that is possible!😂

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How much you let them grow out is a totally personal preference.
Those thin plants you've got can be twice as big before they start to lower the light levels, so there's no real technical issue with letting them fill out.

Eventually the faster growing Pogo would get so big that the Java Fern might not get enough resources, but you've probably got a ways to go before you reach that point.

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