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What corys for 75 gal community tank?

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I recently set up a fully cycled 75 gallon tank with 10 serpae tetras 10 black phantom tetras 3 pearl gouramis and a pair of koi angels. I want something bottom dwelling to really complete the tank but idk what. My first thought was corys but I want something large colorful and affordable. I'm also open to non cory bottom dweller suggestions.

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pandas are fun. there's also peppered, sterbai, elegant corys, aeneus corys, albino aeneus. skunk corys. and those are just a couple of the cheaper ones. you can get vulcan cories for several hundred dollars a fish. but it's all personal choice. I have pandas and skunks. for a 75g, i would get a large group of one type. you don't want them interbreeding. I have 12 of the skunks. they go all over the place in this size group  

you could also do a bristlenose pleco with the corys. either super red or albino would give you more interest at the bottom

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