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15 Gallon Planted Fluval Flex


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I just purchased a 15 gallon Fluval Flex tank and want to know how many types and quantities of fish and shrimp I can keep? I’m looking to go with cardinal or blue neon tetras and cherry shrimp. This is the hard part, I would also like to have at least 2 honey Gourami. Is this possible and if so how many of each species? I do weekly water changes/vac on my current nano planted tank. I also do media rinsing/cleaning once per month, but I’m willing to do it twice per month if needed on the Flex. 


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I have a 15gal Flex as well. If you end up a little overstocked there's lots of room for extra filter media in the back. 

I'm not experienced enough with gouramis but I think if there's enough plants for the shrimp to hide you could give it a try. I would go for just one gourami though.

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