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Co-Op video easter eggs

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I like finding "easter eggs" in the Co-Op videos, when I can.

Would anyone have any idea what Dean is using part of an Easy Flow extension for, here? This is from today's video.


EE 1.png

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Posted (edited)

He's using the Easy Flow to feed a breeding box.  The water comes up through the Easy Flow into the breeding box and then out again.

I think Cory may have let slip in one of his podcasts that he was considering a hang-on-back filter based on air flow.  I'm assuming that meant using the Easy Flow to bring water into an external (HOB) filter.  However, that is how rumors start...

Although, an air-drive HOB would be an amazing solution for those currently using sponges, as it would make maintenance much, much easier (especially if the water hits some poly floss first).


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